Vermont's Disappointing Net Metering Rule

In July, 2016, The Vermont Public Service Board recently ended a 2-year process by adopting a complex and poorly designed alternative to existing net metering rules. In my early interactions with the Staff, I had hopes that the new rule would work from a solid foundation to adopt reasonable improvements designed to address locational issues, especially in light of a very successful Solar Siting Task Force effort and report.

Alas, it was not to be. The new rule is a jumble of ill-conceived and poorly conceived provisions that together will cripple Vermont’s thriving solar market. Stakeholders were particularly disappointed about the way input from solar stakeholders was ignored and solar-limiting ideas were incorporated, often at the last minute.

Vermont has established high goals for renewable energy market penetration. It is hard to imagine how they will get there with a net metering regime like that established in the new rules.

Here is an opinion piece, authored by Sam Swanson and me, that speaks to the issue in more detail and kindly published by

Rabago Swanson VT NEM OpEd 160714