Solar for Airports

A reporter friend from Milwaukee recently asked for some comments about a proposed solar installation at her local airport. I thought I would share my quick thoughts.

Who hasn't waited in lines at the airport? When we wait in our cars for family to arrive or when taxis wait for their fares, the result is a lot of pollution at airports. On sunny days, it can be even worse with air conditioners running at full blast and car engines heating the air. Add airplanes and ground handling equipment and airports can easily be the site of some of the worst air in the city. What a terrible way to welcome our guests!

Imagine instead silent, clean, efficient solar generation on roofs, covering parking lots, and taxi cab stands. Imagine if the first thing people saw when they visit was high-tech clean energy!

Imagine a city/county/airport authority being able to generate additional, much needed revenue for city functions from premium parking located under clean energy solar panels! Imagine energy with no fuel costs, ever.

That's the logic of solar at airports. Its a no-brainer.